How to import user data to the app

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How to import user data to the app

Postby mobilesoftvn » Fri Jul 31, 2015 7:13 pm

Importing data is the best useful functon of the app and get more care of users. This topic introduce detailed guide how to import user data into the app. To import data into the app, please do the following steps:

* B1. Create data from templates of the app:
Firstly, you have to download the data templates of the app. The app supports two templates that correspond to the two format of data:
+ Excel formar (XLS): Please download this data template from link: With this format, you can easily create data manualy. You only open this template, you will know what information needs to fill into earch position:
+ XML Format (XML): Please download this data template from link: This format is suited to programmers, who automatically create data from this template. You only open this template, you will know what information needs to fill into earch position:

After downloading the templates, please fill your data into the templates. If you have already the data in an excel file, you only copy/paste the corresponding column into the templates.

* B2. Copy data to Android Device:
After creating data completed, you need to copy the data to your Android device you've installed the app Testing Assistant, or you can also upload data to the web server.

* B3. Import data into the app:
Now, on your Android Device, you open the app, on the main interface of the application, you click the icon on the top right, then click "Import User Data..." item:

You will see the interface of this function as shown:
You will see the 8-position corresponds to 8 controllers like onscreen:
+ Position 1: Where you select which category of data. If you do not create categories, default category will name "Unknown category".
+ Position 2: Clicking on this button to show UI of category manager function. This function allows you to manage the categories: Create / Edit / Delete categories.
+ Position 3: Here you enter the path to the data file (EXCEL / XML) or link of your data on the server.
+ Position 4: You click on this button displays the dialog box select files on your phone.
+ Position 5: After selecting a data file, you can click this button to perform to mport data into the application. The app will show sucessful message when importing completed.
+ Position 6: This button helps you reset the data on the initial state to enter input data again.
+ Position 7: This button will help you open the browser to download the EXCEL template.
+ Position 8: This button will help you open the browser to download the XML template.

Some notices you need to remember:
+ With content in question (Question column), you should use <code> tag to wrap source code. With this tag, source code is displayed beautifully and clearly (See the photo at the end this post).
+ If your data has images, you should put images into images folder in same folder of data file. In this case, in your data file, Image field is in format: [b] images/<name_of_image>[/ b]
+ The field [b] Answer Note [/ b] contains information explaining why the answer was correct. If no information for this field, you don't fill blank into this field.
+ The excel template supports up to 05 options, and XML template support unlimited choices.
+ The field [b] answer [/ b] is the number determined answer is correct(Start from 1). If there are multiple correct answers, the number separated by a semicolon.


If you unable to create your data, please contact us over email: Maybe we help you to create your data.

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