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MDictPro - The best and free professional english vietnamese

Postby mobilesoftvn » Sat May 10, 2014 7:49 am

MDictPro is the best english vietnamsese dictionary with all specialized english vietnamese data in one. The app support the rich specialized data sets:
- English english dictionary: Using data from famous Wordnet 3.0
- English vietnamese dictionary with images
- Vietnamese english dictionary/Vietnamese vietnamese dictionary
- English vietnamese technique dictionary
- Mathematical dictionary
- English vietnamese economical dictionary/Vietnamese english economical dictionary
- Commercial dictionary
- Civil engineering dictionary
- Physical dictionary
- Drugs dictionary
- Medical dictionary
- Electronical dictionary
- Stock dictionary (english-english)/Stock dictionary (english--vietnamese)
- Maritime dictionary
- Dictionary of marine economy (english-english)/Dictionary of marine economy (english-vietnamese)
- Basic english grammar
- English grammar in use
- Rules of pronunciation.

In new version, the app supports some special functions:
* Lets show / hide the meaning for earch dictionary
* Save note of the keywords and displays when lookup. This function help you remember the general meaning of the words.
* Support selecting dictionaries data on main screen.

You can see detail of the application at:
Or download the application from Google Play:

This app is very useful for those who are learning English. With this app, you can lookup the keywords, learn, find and remember words very very easily. The application has features as following:
- The application is very light, the whole data dictionary is stored on the external card.
- No need internet connectivity to use the app. You only need a network connection for the first time to download data.
- User-friendly and beautiful interface. Look-up in the dictionaries is very easy, simple.
- Support for looking up keyword by voice.
- Support for keyword link, pronuciation.
- Support for showing image in data
- Support landcade screen.
- Support selecting text on meaning area to lookup, translate and read.
- Support translation function between 70 languages.
- Support for saving and management of favorite words to make the users easy in learning new words.
- Support free tool MDictProData help users to create own data for this app.

Some UI interfaces of the app:
Image Image Image
Image Image Image
Image Image

Please download and try it now. You will see the real dictionary will be useful to you!

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MDictPro version 2.2.2 has changed package name

Postby mobilesoftvn » Thu Jul 17, 2014 3:38 pm

MDictPro version 2.2.2 has changed package name. So we hope users to remove old app, and then download and install new app to get full functions of the app. The new app published on Google Play at link:

Hope your understanding and continue using of our product!

Note: Your notes will be lost when removing old app to install new app.

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